Friday, August 13, 2010

All Things New

Well, I've already spent hours getting ready for this new school year! Yet, there is so much still to do!! This is a really exciting year for me as I branch out into first grade! This is my tenth year teaching, but my first year in first grade! I'm really just excited to be able to sing songs and chants and not have my whole class look at me with quizzical, "you're-not-so-cool" looks!! Hahahaha (Yes, fourth graders tend to do that!)
I'm pumped to be a part of my new first grade students' lives. They are still in the beginning stages of their adventure in education and I hope to use all my experience to train them up beyond what anyone thinks they are capable! That's my biggest mantra, by the way: Children can do way (waaaaaaay) more than grown-ups give them credit for! My goal is not only to teach my first graders how to learn, but also to teach them how to be independent! It is going to be so fun watching them grow and surprise all the grown-ups in their lives (including me). I'm sure they will end up surprising themselves along the way too!

Let the fun begin!! (and the singing!!)

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  1. Do these first graders know how lucky they are to have you for their teacher? They are going to learn so much and have FUN while they do it! Have a wonderful year!